Bedlam Basin is an upcoming strategy/tactical game produced by Peloton Games, an Australian independent games developer. Being in part-time development since early 2014, Bedlam Basin was revealed publicly in April 2015 once development had progressed enough to adequately demonstrate the game’s core elements & functionality, and to prove the sincere commitment of the game’s on-going development.

A nostalgic throwback to 1990s strategy gaming, Bedlam Basin puts players in control of a number of tactical-response police officers, who must work through an on-going series of escalating events, conducting tactical operations and strategically managing resources.

Gameplay primarily takes place in an isometric world, through a variety of predetermined & randomly-generated urban environments and biomes, with a choice of real-time action or turn-based strategy modes. The player controls a number of agents, who must complete specific mission objectives to further progress in the game. To accomplish this, an arsenal of weaponry and items are offered for each agent’s usage, all having realistic and potentially destructive effects on the environment. In addition, further gameplay takes place within a strategic management area where missions are planned, resources are utilised and agents organised.

Bedlam Basin brings together many new and existing concepts into a unique strategy game experience. The game’s features, a number of which have already been produced and are demonstrable, include:

  • Isometric squad-based battle view featuring large environments, multiple height levels, line of sight and fog of war.
  • Randomly generated maps including numerous biomes and human environments.
  • Option of playing in pause-able real-time or classic turn-based modes, whichever the player prefers, each tailored for balanced gameplay. Player can pause real-time games to issue orders, where-as turn-based games utilise an action/time-point system.
  • Environmental effects such as fully damageable terrain and structures, dynamic lighting, fire, smoke, gravity and building collapse.
  • Large variety of equipment and weaponry, many with special and realistic effects.
  • Various types of missions including rescue, capture, asset recovery, asset destruction and more.
  • Randomisation of maps, missions and other conditions to create unique enjoyable battle scenarios.
  • Strategic campaign-mode featuring strategy-based front-end as a companion to the battle environment.
  • Scenario generator for quick one-off games outside of campaign-mode.
  • Full support for modifications including an easy to use editor. Maps, tiles, scenarios, items and units can be easily modified.

Well into development, it is anticipated that Bedlam Basin will be released in 2016 for Windows and possibly other platforms.


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