If you have any questions not listed here, please contact us.


Q: When will the game be released?

A: Sometime in 2016. A clearer release-date will be known as time goes on. There is no intention to rush out something unplayable.


Q: What platforms will the game be released on?

A: Currently PC / Windows, with potential for more platforms.


Q: So many indie game projects like this have come and gone over the years with the developers losing interest or the project amounting to nothing. Are you serious about this project?

A. Bedlam Basin was in development for around a year prior to being announced. It’s very existence was known to a handful of people. Prior to announcing, we wanted to focus on creating a solid working proof-of-concept instead of spending time talking pipe dreams. So yes, we are very bloody serious!


Q: Will it be free or commercial?

A: Commercial with a reasonable price tag.


Q: Are the graphics/assets final?

A: No – there are a number of placeholder graphics and maps. The game was revealed with the lowest number of tiles and maps developed that we felt comfortable showing in order to demonstrate gameplay mechanics. Maps were also developed using a limited range of tiles so they do appear a little repetitive. As development continues, many more tiles will be drawn, and existing maps and tiles will be revised.


Q: How can I help the project?

A: Thank you for your support! Currently we don’t require any developers but follow us incase that changes. What we do really need help with is community and press support; spread the word about Bedlam Basin to those who you think may be interested, and follow us on social media – that is how you can help best at the moment and it would be massively appreciated!


Q: Is there an official forum where I can talk about Bedlam Basin?

A: In due course, a forum will become available. We do however have a Facebook page and Twitter account – please join us there!


Q: How easy will it be to make mods?

A: Very easy! We have built a detailed editor already to assist with game development, that allows for the editing of items, players/NPCs, mission objectives, tiles and maps. An important element of mods will be easy installation and playing – we are working on a system to make this as simple as possible to plug in a mod(s) and get playing.


Q: Can you include _____ feature?

A: Maybe! Please contact us and make a suggestion. We value your feedback and are open to ideas!